Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dials and hands are ordered

Dials and hands have been ordered and engineering revisions are done. Prototypes are being prepared.

The blue hands and the dials with blue markers will all feature IP Blue finish. So they will be Ion Plated, not enameled. The marker on the second "hand" disk will also be ion plated, so all elements will match.

The rose gold colored hands and dial hour markers will also use ion plating. The watches with red hands will have the hands and the 12 o'clock hour marker enameled. On all Ka La watches, the marker on the second "hand" disk will be an applied element, so it will have visual depth.

All of the dials (with both round or roman hour markers) will have applied (raised) elements. The hour and minute hands (in all colors) will feature super lume to enable viewing in the dark. The round hour marker dials will also feature super lume on 11 of the 12 markers (with the 12 o'clock marker being a solid, non-lume, color which will match the color of the hands.

The date window on the dials may have edging in a matching finish (either silver or IP rose gold) to harmonize the watch's details.

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