Monday, May 14, 2012

Production Ready Prototype Case

The production ready prototype case arrived on Friday and I have test fit a movement into it. Tomorrow I will have my watchmaker check things out. I think longer posts for the hands will be required. Other than that, I expect few surprises.

The areas of concern with the previous prototypes can been corrected, so we are on track for authorizing full production of the cases very soon. Then after 8 weeks of production, the cases will be on their way to Hawaii.

The case and movement weighs 82 grams. This is with a plastic dial laid on top of a metal dial but no hands, so over all this is about right for the watch head and maybe even a bit high. Bands with deployment clasps add around another 21 to 25 grams depending on the band material. So, on the wrist, the weight will run about 103 to 107 grams total (which makes it less than a quarter pounder - all beef patty weight before cooking).

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