Tuesday, August 7, 2012

"Piece Unique" with a Hawaiian Koa wood dial

Hawaiian koa wood is most beautiful when it has "curls". These are sections in the wood where there are visible "stripes" that most often run at 90 degrees to the grain. When the angle of the light changes, these stripes  reverse from light to dark. In effect, these are an example of nature creating an polarized material. The curls are the result of stress present when the tree was growing. Most often, these are in areas where a large (and heavy) limb joins the trunk.

I have a very limited amount of extremely thin curly koa veneer. I laser cut and laser engraved a piece to make an overlay for a Ka La watch dial. I selected a base dial with round hour makers trimmed with PVD rose gold. The watch was completed using rose gold ion plated hands, a black date ring (the date is visible at 3), a PVD rose gold case and, for the moment, a brown crocodile strap.

I have a custom strap being created by Rob "Montana", aka The Strapsmith, which will be fitted to the watch in a few weeks.

At this point, this is just a one-off item for me. However I could do a strictly limited edition run if there is enough interest. The wood on each piece would be unique, even though the dials would be made from the same piece of koa veneer.

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