Saturday, August 25, 2012

Prototype Bracelet

I received the plastic prototype bracelet links today. I put them together using wire from paperclips, so it is a bit rough looking but it does confirm that the spacing between links (0.2 mm) works well. The pieces are white plastic so I gave them a quick coat of silver spay paint to get a better idea of how they will look with a stainless steel watch case.

Also there are no end pieces or clasp links, so this is a phase one check out. But the bracelet does seem comfortable so far.

As I suspected, the open ends of the "C" shape needs to be rounded where they meet the next link due to the angle change as each link curves around your wrist. And I may lower the pin holes by 0.5 mm as well.

The plastic prototype links show the "lay up" but the production links will not have the grooves seen on the prototypes. The links will be stain brush finished for the most part with some high gloss areas.

I placed my order last Sunday for the prototype pieces and they arrived in 5 days. Two of which were for shipping. That's FAST!!! Thanks Redeye On Demand.

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