Tuesday, November 5, 2013

BMW M6 Tach Inspired Watch

Group Buy on the M6Board.com

If there is enough firm interest, I can produce a limited edition set of watches which are designed to resemble the tachometer of an E63/64 BMW M6 (and E60 M5).

I'm already in the business of designing and making watches using Swiss mechanical movements, so this project is nothing new for me except that if I offer it as an M6Board.com "Group Buy" I can keep the price very attractive. If I don't receive enough interest, these watches will not be produced.

1) The watches will NOT say BMW, M6, M5 or have the ///M logo as that would run afoul of BMW's trademarks. BMW already has a exclusive watch branding arrangement with Ball Watches, so it will do no good to even ask for permission to use their name or logos. The best I can do is to have the same colors as the M logo on the dial (but not angled).

2) These watches will use the same stainless steel (316L "Surgical Stainless") cases that I use for my "Ka La" line of watches. The cases for this limited edition watches will be PVD Black coated. They are 43mm in diameter and 12.5 mm thick. They have a domed sapphire crystal (with anti-reflective coating) on the front and a sapphire crystal on the 'exhibition back' so you can see the Swiss Selitta SW 260-1 automatic movement. These watches do not use batteries, they are wound either manually or by simply wearing as the weighted rotor keeps the watch wound when worn. The movements come from Switzerland. The watches are designed (by me) and assembled (by a Swiss trained watchmaker, not me) in here in Hawaii.

3) The watch will use dials and hands custom designed just for this limited edition run. They will come with a leather strap and a deployment (folding) buckle. The leather strap will vary from the illustration.

4) The minute hand of the watch is designed to look like the tach needle on a BMW M5 / M6. The hour hand will be white. The "small seconds" hand will be at the 6 o'clock position (to mimic the oil temperature gauge). The marking on the small seconds will be "20", "30" and "40" but the seconds hand will spin in a full circle.

5) The dial and hour hand will use Super-Liminova which makes them glow (for while) in the dark.

6) These watches would retail for at least $1500 USD if I produced them as a normal production item. But with a committed group buy, I can offer them for just $1000 USD.

7) If I get a minimum number (10) of firm orders, the project will proceed. Only after the green light will customers be asked for a 35% ($350) deposit. The balance will be due when the watches are ready to ship.

8) Estimated shipment will be 100 days (and probably less) from the "green light" date.

9) Once I have orders for these watches, I will not repeat the production. So your watch will remain a limited production, collectors piece.

10) Below is a render of the proposed watch along with photos of the Swiss Selitta mechanical movement. The decoration on the back of the movement may vary from the photo.


or contact me directly at: Mark@MarkCarson.com

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