Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Becoming a watch manufacturer all started with a drawing of a watch. It turned out, the radical hands (with the hour hand being a ring that "floats" over the hour markers) were too involved for a first watch. But many of the overall concept elements (including the curved strap "lugs" and the second "hand" disk) have survived in the nascent Ka La watch. So this badly proportioned drawing is what started it all back in 2009.

2D design work has been done using CorelDRAW.

The decision to base the first watch on a Swiss ETA 2824-2 movement was made in July 2010.

By October 2010, I had settled on "Individual Design" as my brand name and acquired the Internet domain name "". Early work on the website started thereafter as did preparation of 3D files using TurboCAD.

Using TurboCAD to produce .STL and .DWG files, I had plastic prototype cases prepared starting in November 2010. Tomorrow's post will show the evolution (and refinement) of the case design via a series of plastic prototype cases.

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