Thursday, February 9, 2012

Details, details

Today I'm showing a crocodile band I bought for evaluation and which turned out to miss my expectations by a wide margin

The grain/pattern on this authentic crocodile watch strap is gorgeous. And the leather has that wonderful aroma of freshly tanned leather. So much for the good news.

I was hopeful as the country of origin is known for their crocodiles (and their skins). However, the workmanship is really third world and the strap is actually far too long (or could have had more holes punched in it) for the average wrist. The fixed loop is not even straight!

The stitching is uneven and on the back the cut and sewing of the crocodile facing to the backing is a joke. So as much as I love the skin itself, this vendor won't be supplying wrist straps for my watches.

Beautiful grain, wonderful aroma
 Poor execution

Uneven stitching

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