Saturday, February 18, 2012

Ka La Watch Dimensions

A question that sometimes comes up is, "how big will the watch be?"

The answer for the Ka La watch is:
  • 43 mm wide (46 mm including the crown)
  • 56 mm long (including the lug rings)
  • 12.5 mm thick
  • 7 mm diameter winding/setting crown
Speaking of crowns, one of my pet peeves are watches where it is virtually impossible to move the crown outward to set the time. Some watches have a crown without a contour on the case end of the crown making it really hard to get your thumbnail in there to pop the crown outward. Needless to say, the Ka La watch features a crown with a tapered inner end. It also has the "id" (Individual Design) initials engraved on the end of the crown.

With the lug rings angled downward from the main body of the case, the watch does not "wear as large" as its dimensions suggest. It is not a small watch by any means, but it is not massive looking or clunky to wear compared to some of the really large watches on the market these days. Substantial looking, but not massive to my eye. The curved lug rings actually allow the watch to slide under a long sleeve shirt cuff much easier than you would think.

The Ka La watches use a 20 mm band. Most of the straps I plan to offer will taper and will feature 18 mm deployment buckles in a finish that matches the watch case (stainless steel, PVD black and PVD rose gold).

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