Thursday, February 9, 2012

Cat Breading

I saw something funny on the Colbert Report tonight - the latest craze - Cat Breading. Nothing to do with watches, but what the heck. So here are photos of 6 of our 7 indoor cats.

Because we care about their health, we only used whole wheat bread. If you laugh half as much looking at these as we did while shooting them, it will still be a lot. Additional cat wrangling by Tammy and Tristin. 

Mia - our deaf kitten - not too happy

 Ginger - Mia thinks it is funnier on her
 Ginger trying to look regal with a slice of whole wheat
 Max looking shocked - the golden devil eyes are a bonus
 Max trying to look like the Easter Bunny
 OK, now Max has had enough of this breading nonsense
 Fluffy thinks this is camouflage of some sort
 Sabrina, the nervous cat, being unusually calm
 Yeah - stick that face of yours out there Sabrina!
 Now Sabrina is tired of this too
Bootsie wearing the bread like a frenchman with a beret and a beard

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